As we head on into June, we can expect more days of multiple nests!

North: Judie E. called to say she had 3 crawls all with nest potential. Jackie had no Middle activity so she went to work on the southernmost crawl while Judie started at the northernmost. Judie had this activity:
DEB20  natural  north #14mm  DEBFC08  false crawl south #13mm 

Jackie, who had not had a nest for a while and thought she was rusty, quickly located the egg chamber of this textbook crawl…way to go!
DEB21  natural  south #11mm 

Hobcaw: Wendy and Susan teamed up and had 2 crawls this morning that produced 1 nest:
HOBFC17  false crawl  south #19mm 
                (turtle encountered too much debris)

HOB21  natural  north #17mm 
                (textbook crawl that Wendy easily located)
DEB 21 HOB 21 SCUTE 114 SC 2862

6-8 Jackie had this textbook crawl which she easily found and it became DEB21.
6-8 Wendy felt that this turtle ran into too much debris (false crawl) and decided to search for better habitat.
6-8 Wendy probed this textbook crawl north #17mm on Hobcaw searching for the soft sand of the chamber.
6-8 Wendy successfully located and protected DEB21 on the southern end of Hobcaw.