Whew…what a morning for today’s volunteers! Each section had activity and working on the crawls was tough in the wind and rain but all persevered:)

North: Judy K. and Marie texted before 6:00 that they had a possible nest just south #13mm at Prince George. Marie got some good instruction from Judy and experience locating DEB10! We are proud of you, Marie!

DEB10  71 yds. south #13mm 

Middle: Jane had a total of 3 crawls between WW#6 and #8 likely by the same turtle. Two crawls were side by side and Jane found the egg chamber in the northern one. It had been several years since she had relocated a nest and this one over the low sea wall in a scarped dune. Betsy went for support and Jane did all the work….and did it well!

DEB11 Relocated to 63 yds. north WW#6   101 eggs             

DEBFC03  75 yds. south WW#6  DEBFC04  35yds. south WW#8 

Hobcaw: Brandie and Ryan also had a full morning with 2 false crawls and a nest all close together and likely by the same indecisive turtle. Way to go Team!

HOB16  16 yds. north #1mm 

HOBFC20  82 yds. south #1mm  HOBFC21  32 yds. south #1mm 

HOB16 north #1mm

DEB 11 HOB16 SCUTE 56 SC 1871