The turtles are now coming and going with 3 nests today and the hatch of our first 2 nests!

North: Judy K., Maribeth and Haden had 2 crawls:

DEB54 natural south #14mm  This was the return of ‘Barnacle Betty’ (last laid 7/1 and has distinctive scrape up her crawl). Haden located her egg chamber…Yay!

DEBFC29 False crawl north #15mm

Middle: We will do the nest inventories of these 2 nests Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. They are close together and will be done simultaneously:

DEB01 dated 5/13 located south WW#4  DEB02 dated 5/17 south WW#5 

Hobcaw: Brandie, Buffie and Mark had 2 crawls:

HOB62 natural north #6mm  Go Buffie!

HOB63 natural north #4mm  Go Mark!

DEB 54 HOB 63 SCUTE 303 SC 7377

7-14 Haden probed and located the egg chamber of DEB54 known as Barnacle Betty because of the distinctive scrape up her crawl. We are proud of you, Haden!
7-14 Buffie probed this crawl, found a soft area and located the eggs of HOB52.
7-14 The nest of HOB63 first appeared to be a false crawl but Mark turned it into a nest.