We have tied our best season (2013) and currently have 108 nests!

North: Pat O., Lourdes and Mark found 3 crawls:

DEB49  natural north #10mm   Lourdes located

DEBFC28  false crawl south #9mm 

DEB50  natural south #5mm (N. Beach Villas)     Mark located

Hobcaw: Kathi A’s only activity was one crawl which was a nest:

HOB58 natural south #5mm 

DEB 50 HOB 58 SCUTE 283 SC 6977

7-10 DEB49 located by Lourdes just north #10mm on the North.
7-10 Lourdes and Mark worked on and located DEB50 with Pat’s guidance.
7-10 Kathi A. found a textbook crawl just south #5mm on Hobcaw. She probed, located the egg chamber and made it HOB58!