After several days with no activity, there was 1 nest on PRG and 2 on HOB! These volunteers sure braved some brutal wind and rain conditions to bring home DNA eggs!

PRG: Lourdes found a promising crawl in between the Beach Villas and Ocean Park. She, along with Pat S, probed the body pit that showed disrupted vegetation and was not tidy. Pat S found a soft spot and Lourdes dug, finding roots but both persevered and eventually found an egg. Great teamwork, guys!

   PRG02 – Natural   in between the Beach Villas and Ocean Park

HOB: Tricia and Mitzi found 2 crawls, one south SS#0 and one between SS#9 and SS#12. Working through periodic rain and wind, they easily located the southernmost nest (HOB01) which was above the HTL. With the tide moving in, the team had to relocate HOB02 straight back to higher ground. Mitzi located the egg chambers. So proud of you all!

   HOB01   Natural    north #12SS

   HOB02   Relocated    104 eggs (+1 DNA)  approx.75 yds. south #0SS

PRG 2 DEB 0 HOB 2 SCUTE 4 SC 229


5-18 Working together, Lourdes and Pat S. found the egg chamber of PRG02 which was in a good location to leave natural.
5/18 HOB02 was laid below the high tide line and needed relocation. Mitzi and Tricia moved 104 eggs (+1 for DNA) directly back to where Tricia is standing.