North: The turtles are spreading the love around…the North got a good dose of it this morning…

Beth, Donna and Pat St. set out on the beach around 5:45 to find turtle activity. They found 3 crawls all with high potential. Beth worked on the Prince George end with Pat while Betsy met Donna at a crawl in front of North Beach Villas. Good experience was gained today by all 4 volunteers!

DEB15 natural north #13mm – Pat did a good job locating this nest

DEB16 natural south #11mm – Pat & Beth probed & dug with Beth locating eggs.

DEB17 natural north #4mm (Beach Club walkway) Lots of uprooted vegetation. Donna probed, found soft spot & eventually reached eggs 24+ inches down. This could indicate a small clutch from a young turtle.

DEB 17 HOB 18 SCUTE 89 SC 2340

6-4-19 DEB15 was laid on the gentle slope of the beach at Prince George.
6-4-19 Pat located and protected DEB15 north #13mm.
6-4-19 Beth had Pat and Donna point to where they thought DEB16 would be located.
6-4-19 Donna puts up a sign on the protected nest of DEB17 in front of North Beach Villas.
6-4-19 3 happy volunteers hold up 3 fingers for the total number nests they located today!