Hobcaw: Martha, subbing for Steven, had a big morning and got Hobcaw up to speed! She set out around 5:30 and had a total of 6 crawls. Glad you are back, Martha:) Bill and Betsy, on their way to North Island, let her know there was another crawl beside the Bob’s nest on the backside yesterday! She started there and here is her report:
HOB07 – Natural 10 yds. south HOB06
HOB08 – Natural 24 yds. south #19mm
HOBFC05 – 13 yds. north #17mm
HOBFC06 – 45 yds. north #8mm
HOB09 – Natural 40 yds. south #6mm
HOB10 – Natural 100 yds. north #2mm
DEB 10   HOB 10   SCUTE 58  SC 1337

5-27 There was another nest on the backside of Hobcaw Beach beside HOB06.
5-27 Martha located and protected HOB09 south of #9mm.
5-27 HOB10 crawled around some trees to lay her nest.