North: Beth was joined by Pat S. and John. They found a crawl south #16mm that Pat probed and located the egg chamber…go Pat!
DEB47 natural south #16mm 

Middle: Kathy C., Buffie and Mark had a total of 3 crawls. One turned out to be a nest laid at the foot of the Beach Villas walkway. Mark located the egg chamber (good find!) and then they relocated the nest.
DEB48 relocated to south WW#5 

DEBFC26  false crawl north WW#3    
DEBFC27  false crawl north (turnaround) WW#2 

Hobcaw: Martha also had multiple crawls that yielded 2 nests!
HOB57 south #19mm just behind 2 side by side nests
HOBFC43 false crawl north #8        

HOB56 natural south #2mm 

DEB 48 HOB 57 SCUTE 277 SC 6821

7-9 Pat located DEB47 just south #16mm at Prince George.
7-9 A turtle laid her nest at the foot of the middle steps at the Beach Villas. Mark located the egg chamber. The nest was moved north to better habitat.
7-9 This large loggerhead crawled up and around 2 nests side by side. Could these all be the same turtle? DNA will tell us!
7-9 HOB57 located her nest just behind HOB08 on the right. Could be a trio of nests by the same female!