North: Pat found a crawl in Ocean Park leading up to the boardwalk with a tent frame, piled up chairs and other debris. It was unclear if this was a tidy turtle or a turnaround. Pat met up with Buffie and Mark and they returned to work on the crawl. In the meantime, vacationers had moved their stuff and completely erased the crawl evidence:( Pat sent Buffie and Mark to work with Bob B. on his nest relocation and while referring to the original photos, probed the area. BINGO, Pat found the nest of a very tidy, determined turtle…DEB38! So glad you are home, Pat!

DEB38  natural north #6mm (under Ocean Park boardwalk)

Middle: Newly certified Bob B. got to try out his talent today on a crawl south WW#7. He quickly located the egg chamber and went into relocation mode. Buffie and Mark arrived to get some relocation experience. They worked with Bob moving the eggs to north WW#6…really nice teamwork!
DEB39  relocated 78 eggs (+1 for DNA) to north WW#6        

Hobcaw: Martha and Donna had 2 crawls early into their walk with high nest potential. Martha said Donna did really well locating both chambers and has a good understanding of the process:)

HOB40  natural  north #7mm 

HOB41  natural north #3mm 

DEB 39 HOB 41 SCUTE 203 SC 5143

6-26 A turtle laid her nest between tent poles and among beach debris under the Ocean Park boardwalk. Pat was able to locate the nest even after vacationers walked all over the area. Please take your beach items OFF the beach at night, leaving the beach clean and clear for turtles and people!!
6-26 Bob B. found this crawl south WW#7 in front of the Beach Villas.
6-26 Bob probed the crawl, located the egg chamber and decided to relocate the nest north. It was laid in an area near the scarped dune.
6-26 Assisted by Buffie and Mark, Bob is happy to have completed his second relocated nest…a lot of work!
6-26 Donna probes the crawl of HOB40 north #7mm.
6-26 Donna located the egg chamber of natural HOB40.
6-26 HOB41 was a beautiful nest site on the gentle rise of the dune north #3mm.
6-26 Donna was happy to find the egg chamber of HOB41!