North: Judie E. had a crawl north #15mm at Prince George with a loopy path that led to a nest. She located the chamber easily and did a nice job!

DEB12  25 yds. north #15mm

Middle: Pat and John had a crawl above the low seawall just south of WW#8. They probed and dug but could not locate eggs. Betsy and her niece went to take a look and Betsy found the egg chamber. Harrison counted eggs as they filled the bucket with 134 eggs! The nest was relocated to north of WW#6 with the help, in transport, of the bucket by Harrison and Jessica from WY.

DEB13  relocated to 86 yds. north WW#6 

Hobcaw: Bob B. had a busy morning with 2 crawls before he got to #1mm. Returning from the inlet, Bob easily located eggs in a crawl north #1mm. The crawl in the middle of Ocean Green was more challenging but didn’t stop Bob from finally turning it into a nest. Way to hang in there!

HOB18  46 yds. north #1m HOB19  194 yds. south WW#12 

DEB 13 HOB 19 SCUTE 64 SC 2275