WHEW…we had a wave of nests today with one in the Middle and 4 on Hobcaw plus a false crawl!

Middle: Kathy C. texted that she had a crawl south WW#3. She was a bit rusty from being off last season for medical reasons. Betsy joined Kathy for a refresher course. Kathy located the eggs of DEB24 in the firm renourishment sand after using a metal probe.

Hobcaw: Martha called in at 5:45 with 3 crawls by the time she reached the #2mm! She walked on expecting more activity. After Kathy and Betsy finished DEB24, they headed to Hobcaw.

Here is the way it all worked out:
HOB23  natural south #13mm (Martha)

HOB24  natural north #0mm (Kathy C.)

HOB25  relocated 116 to south #7mm  (Martha)

HOB26  natural north #1mm (Kathy C.)

HOBFC22  north #2mm  (Martha)

What a morning! Kathy C. fine tuned her skill and is good to go for this busy season. Thanks to Martha for all her efforts and for sharing 2 of her nests!
DEB 24 HOB 26 SCUTE 134 SC 3145

6-11- Kathy C. probed in the firm Middle sand and located DEB24.

6-11 Martha found the classic crawl of HOB23 which she left as a natural nest.
6-11 HOB25 was laid below the spring tide line so Martha made the wise decision to relocate the clutch of eggs.
6-11 116 eggs from HOB25 were moved to higher/drier habitat. Good job, Martha!
6-11 These turtles sometimes make probing their nests difficult. Kathy didn’t let this tree stop her from locating HOB26!
6-11 Kathy takes a rest at HOB26 after working on 3 nests and honing her nest-finding skills!
6-11 Having worked on 2 nests and relocated 116 eggs, Martha documents the moment with a selfie!