It was a busy and productive morning so this will be the ‘Cliff Notes’ version of activity. Great job to our dedicated volunteers!

North: Judy K., Maribeth and Haden had a total of 3 crawls:

DEBFC10  south #16mm

DEB28  Natural north #14mm   Maribeth located

DEB29  Natural south #10mm    Haden and Judy probed, Judy found soft spot, Haden dug and found egg chamber

Middle: Jane and Donna had a loopy crawl south WW#4. They worked on it but had no luck. Betsy went and after probing felt it was a false crawl. Bill, the Turtle Whisperer, checked it after walking Hobcaw and found the nest!

DEB30 Natural south WW#4 

Hobcaw: Bill subbed for Brandie and had 2 nests:

HOB30  Natural  north #8mm 

HOB31  Natural south #5mm 

DEB 30 HOB 31 SCUTE 156 SC 3745

6-16 DEB28 was laid in a good location on the slant of a dune at Prince George. Maribeth did the probing and found the egg chamber!
6-16 Haden and Maribeth stand with DEB29 south #10 between DeBordieu and Prince George. Judy and Haden probed the crawl, Judy found a soft area and Haden dug down to find the eggs….good job!
6-16 Haden watches as Maribeth digs to locate the egg chamber of DEB28 at Prince George.
6-16 Bill found this crawl north of #8, probed and turned it into HOB30!
6-16 HOB31 was laid near a dead tree on Hobcaw. Bill located the egg chamber quickly.