6-10 Carolyn found a crawl south of #7mm with nest potential
6-10 Robert got good experience with his first nest, DEB06

North: Carolyn, training new volunteer Robert, had a false crawl and a natural nest this morning. There were 2 crawls south of #7mm, one in front of the other, by 2 different turtles! Carolyn and Robert worked on the crawl that appeared to be a nest but could not find the chamber. Bill went for a fresh look and with a group effort, they found the egg chamber! The nest was above the spring tide line and left natural (DEB06). Way to go team!

6-10 Brandie found this tidy crawl near the #16mm on Hobcaw
6-10 Brandie found a good homesite for HOB02

Hobcaw: Brandie found a tidy, concise crawl near the #16mm and wasted no time locating the egg chamber (HOB02). The nest was below the spring tide line so she relocated 93 eggs to a safer location near the dune. Good job Brandie!

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