6-17 Pat found this crawl south of #16mm at Prince George.
6-17 Pat and Judy instructed Bob who located his first egg chamber!
North: As one door closes, another one opens…as the saying goes. Sadly, we had a stranding near #15mm at Prince George yesterday but there was a newly laid nest almost in the same place this morning! Pat found 2 crawls on either side of #15mm.
Judy K. had Bob, young Haden his grandmother walking the Middle with her. After finding no activity, we sent the group north to work with Pat who waited patiently. Bob got his first real probing experience and a great Father’s Day gift when he located his first egg chamber (DEB09)! Located south of #16mm, they were able to leave the nest natural.
The team then went to work on the crawl south #15mm. After extensive probing and digging, they called it a false crawl (DEBFC05). Ingrid and Tom to give it another look tomorrow.
6-17 DeBordieu Colony Community Association’s Beach Rules
Beach Rules: We want to keep our beach clean, clear and safe for all to enjoy. Please become familiar with the DeBordieu Colony Community Association’s Beach Rules (read in Photo Gallery 2018)
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