North: Pat O. had a team of Pat St, Lori and Michael a storm-threatening morning. They had a U turn false crawl and a nest that needed relocation.

DEB29 Relocated  north #10mm  laid below spring tide line Lori located! 

DEBFC31 north #14mm 

Hobcaw: Duane delayed his walk until around 11:00 when the weather improved. He had a total of 4 crawls before he turned around at #16mm due to more weather coming. Gimpy came back yesterday (HOBFC45) which we didn’t recognize as her crawl. She last nested 6/14 so she is right on time and successfully nested today:) Survey well done today, Duane!

HOB22 Natural  south #9mm  (Gimpy)

HOB23 Natural   south #5mm  in grasses (barnacle on plastron)

HOBFC48  south #7mm  (Gimpy)

HOBFC49  north #6mm   (Gimpy)           

DEB 29 HOB 23 SCUTE 140 SC 4819

6-29-22 This crawl was just north #10 on the North end. It had all the markings of a nest!
6-29-22 Michael and Lori, under the supervision of Pat O. and Pat St., located and relocated DEB29 to safer habitat above the spring tide line.
6-29-22 Gimpy, the 3 flippered turtle, returned right on time for her 3rd round of nesting. She made 2 previous attempts this time and then successfully nested (HOB22)!
6-29-22 HOB23 is the nest of a turtle with a barnacle on her plastron. It leaves a zig-zag pattern in her crawl. Duane probed the body pit up in the grasses and determined it was a nest!