6-29 Pat, John and Judy found a textbook crawl at #12mm on the North.
6-29 John probes body pit area of fresh crawl
6-29 DEB12 team
6-29 With no Middle activity, Beth and Bob decided to have a beach sweep!
North: Pat and John joined Judy on her walk this morning and had activity! They found a textbook crawl right at #12mm. Pat and John went through the process studying the tracks and trying to figure out what the turtle did. Both took turns probing and after a while Judy located the chamber. The nest was in a good location and left natural (DEB12). Good group effort!
Middle: After checking all the nest and finding no new activity, Beth and Bob made good use of the walk and picked up left beach items. Please leave the beach clean and clear at night for turtles and beach walkers!
DEB 12   HOB 3   SCUTE 44  SC 1535