6-5 Susan had a false crawl just north of #5mm on Hobcaw Beach.
6-5 Carolyn found a hazardous deep “pool” dug on the beach at Prince George.

Hobcaw: Susan had the first activity of the season on Hobcaw Beach. There was a “non-stop” false crawl 95 yds. north of #5mm. There was no evidence of digging and the tracks were uninterrupted. Just for practice, Susan probed some areas of the crawl. Let’s hope this turtle returns tonight and Kathi A. will have our first Hobcaw nest!

North: Carolyn reported a deep, large “pool” dug in the sand on the beach at Prince George. Holes may be fun to dig but please do so below the high tide line and fill them in when you leave the beach. Otherwise, these holes are dangerous for nesting/hatching turtles and for people walking the beach at night. Thank you!

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