6-8 Tidy body pit of DEB04
6-8 Pat and John located DEB04!
6-8 Instructed by Judy K., John and Pat made a good team finding DEB04

North: Judy K. was joined by Pat and John this morning. They found a meandering crawl just south of #8mm and a very concise body pit. Finding no other activity, Judy instructed Pat and John in reading the incoming/outgoing tracks and probing the area. John located the egg chamber and because it was in a good location, they were able to leave the nest natural. Great job team!

6-8 Green sea turtles crawl with their flippers simultaneously. Loggerheads alternate flippers.
6-8 Bill had a possible green nest with 2 body pits at North Inlet

Hobcaw: Finally, there was activity on Hobcaw Beach with a crawl at the inlet! Bill found what he believes is a green sea turtle nest. The crawl is different from loggerhead because greens crawl simultaneouly with their flippers while loggerheads alternate. Green crawls are wider, they have 2 body pits, the chamber is deeper and the eggs are a little larger.  Bill said the nest was not particularly deep and the egg was not a lot bigger. DNA will tell us for sure. Go Bill!

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