6-9 Sharon removes eggs from nest for relocation as Ferrell counts
6-9 78 viable eggs were relocated from DEB05
6-9 Everyone at the relocation of DEB05 learned something new about loggerhead sea turtles…good job!

North: The activity was again on the north end of our beach with a crawl in front of N. Beach Villas. Judie E. and her husband, Lee, felt it was a potential nest but walked on up to Pawleys Inlet to check for more crawls. Finding none, they returned and Judie began probing eventually locating the egg chamber. New volunteers, Sharon and Ferrell had no activity on their Middle walk with Jackie and went to see the crawl. The nest was laid low on the beach so Judie dug a new chamber closer to the dunes. Sharon and Ferrell very carefully began taking the eggs out of the nest and transferring them to a bucket. There were 78 viable eggs and 2 broken eggs. One of these was used for the DNA sample. This not only was good training for our new volunteers but good education for the small family group that gathered to watch the relocation!

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