7-18 DEB16 came in on a rising tide evening off her tracks
7-18 DEB16 had a very tight body pit area and laid her nest facing north or the ocean.
7-18 DEB16’s determined volunteers, Kathi A. and Judy K.!

Middle: Judy K. found a crawl north of Walkway #4 that came right up to the V of the sand fence. The tracks were even indicating the turtle came in on a rising tide. Judy probed the area, dug in a few places and found nothing. Betsy went to check on her, tried and nothing. Kathi A. arrived on her bike after her Hobcaw survey. She and Judy decided to keep trying and Betsy departed. Kathi found a soft area near the back of the V and Judy dug down to locate the egg chamber (DEB16))! Congratulations to this determined team of volunteers:)

DEB 16   HOB 4   SCUTE 57   SC 2213