7-28 A crowd begins to gather for the first inventory, DEB01 at Prince George.
7-28 As Peggy digs, Marie and Robert sort eggs under the instruction of Carolyn and Kathi A.
7-28 A lone hatchling remained in the nest and was brought out hatching from it’s shell!
7-28 Turtle fans of all ages watched the hatchling wiggle out of it’s shell!
North: We kicked off our inventories with a great nest! Natural DEB01 south of #16mm at Prince George, though remote, had a good turnout of 12 volunteers and about 35 turtle fans.
We used this as a workshop to refresh seasoned volunteers and instruct those who had never participated. Kathi A. and Carolyn were instructors for Peggy, Marie and Robert. We had one turtle that was hatching that was a real crowd pleaser! We released the turtle that kept crawling toward Pawleys. Walter finally walked it out past the first breakers and we all bid it a safe swim to the Gulf Stream. The best part was the success rate of 92% for our first inventory!
Next inventory: We will inventory natural DEB03, dated 6/2 and  located 102 yds. north of Walkway #10 on Monday at 6:00 p.m. Beach walkway signs are posted on the road side and beachside.