7-7 Crawl of DEB13 south of Walkway #2.
7-7 DEB13 was a very “tidy” and concise nest.
7-7 Jane brings out an egg from DEB13 laid just south of Walkway #2…go Jane!

We have had an 8 day dry spell in what is normally the 2 week peak of loggerhead nesting season. The peak seems to be delayed this year and there are fewer nests. We had activity in all 3 sections this morning!

North: Judy E. found a crawl at the #9mm that went up and behind the dune. There was no body pit and appeared the turtle did not stop to dig. Judy decided it was a false crawl and put 5 reeds in the sand to indicate.

Middle: Jane, subbing for Jackie, found a crawl just south of Walkway #2 where the turtle also went up and over the dune. Since Jane is working toward certification, Bill went to assist. Jane probed the very concise body pit area and discovered a soft area. She dug down and found the eggs (DEB13 and #50 for SCUTE)! This nest is in a safe spot and could be left natural. We’re proud of you Jane!

Hobcaw: Wendy also had activity with a U turn false crawl just south of #8mm.

DEB 13   HOB 3   SCUTE 50   SC 1926