7-8 DEB14, laid just north of $5mm, had a classic body pit.
7-8 Carolyn worked with Robert to locate DEB14. They were able to leave the nest natural.
7-8 Brandie and Ryan found the crawl of HOB04 that lead up into the grasses of the dunes.
7-8 Brandie retrieved one egg for DNA from the nest of HOB04.

North: Carolyn had Robert, a new volunteer, walking with her this morning. They found a classic crawl just north of #5mm in front of Ocean Park. Carolyn demonstrated the probing and digging technique and Robert got some good experience. Together, they located the egg chamber and were able to leave the nest natural, DEB14. Great teamwork Carolyn and Robert!

Hobcaw: It appears we have one “tidy” turtle this season regularly visiting Hobcaw every other Sunday. Last night she laid another concise nest near the #18mm up in the grasses. Brandie and Ryan took care of this 3rd nest and were able to leave it natural, HOB04. Great job!

DEB 14   HOB 4   SCUTE 52   SC 1927