8-17 Peggy digs out the deep nest and hands contents to Martha and Betsy.
8-17 A small group gathers to watch the inventory of DEB09 at Prince George.
8-17 3 lively hatchlings were put on the beach to imprint and crawl to the ocean.
8-17 It was a great photo op as the hatchlings made their way to their new watery home!

North: FINALLY…we had hatchlings!

Tonight we did the inventory of natural DEB09 dated 6/17 located south of #16mm at Prince George. We had a small group of about 25 avid turtle fans whom we educated informally about loggerheads. Peggy dug out the nest (2 handed) like a pro and brought out 3 frisky hatchlings among lots of shells and some unhatched eggs. Martha and Betsy sorted/counted. Carolyn continued to answer questions from the excited onlookers. Everyone enjoyed watching the turtles in the bucket and how one eventually turned itself upright again.

Watch video: https://youtu.be/TDEcbD2V7-Y

It was a photo frenzy once the active hatchlings were put on the beach to crawl to the ocean! With the 3 continuing to wash back in with the tide, a kind, barefooted grandfather was asked to carry the hatchlings out past the first couple breakers and set them on their way to the Gulf Stream. He said his family now considers him as a national hero! The success of the nest was a good 81%.