8-23 The DEB11 inventory team works to sort out the contents of the nest and find out the success rate.
8-23 One hatchling remained in the nest and was set free on the beach to crawl to the ocean!
8-23 The hatchling naturally goes toward the setting sun as volunteers try to steer it toward the ocean.
8-23 A small crowd gathers to see the hatchling off on it’s long trip around the north Atlantic gyre.
8-23 We had such a good volunteer turnout, we decided to document it! Thanks Ernie:)
8-23 DNA tells us this turtle nests on a 2-3 year cycle and is loyal to DEB/HOB.

North: We had a great inventory of natural DEB11 dated 6/25 located in front of North Beach Villas! This nest was at the base of the dunes and had some roots but had a very healthy 96% hatch success! There were 110 shells, 4 unhatched eggs and one lively hatchling! Bob C. dug out the nest since he located it under the guidance of Ingrid and Tom. Pat O. assisted in the digging as Pat S. and John sorted and counted the eggshells/eggs. Paula educated the small group about the current threats to loggerheads. Everyone enjoyed seeing the turtle finally make it into the ocean. We had a good turnout of volunteers and took that opportunity to take a group photo!

Check out DEB11’s DNA…she is the same turtle as DEB02 at Prince George that only had a 12% success. That nest was laid high on a dune in roots that likely caused the low percentage:) DEB13, yet to hatch, is also one of her nests and is also high on a dune in grasses! She is very loyal to DEB/HOB:) See 2018 Photo Gallery!