8-3 A crowd gathers for the inventory of DEB05 in front of North Beach Villas.
8-3 Walter talks about the harmful effects of plastic in our ocean to sea turtles and other sea life…and eventually to us as seafood consumers.
8-3 Our excessive rain this summer has encouraged root growth. This egg was encased in roots which hindered development.
8-3 Carolyn, Beth and Kathy C. were the inventory team for DEB05.
We are learning that this damp summer is having an effect on our nests which are retaining moisture.
DEB05: Tonight, we did the inventory of relocated DEB05 dated 5/28 located in front of N. Beach Villas. We had a large crowd because of the weekend and prominent location. Walter spoke to about 50-60 people as Carolyn dug, Beth and Kathy C. counted and sorted eggs and shells. This nest was damp from excessive rain but never experienced a wash over. The moisture encouraged root growth and several eggs were encased in roots (photo). We had no live hatchlings to release and the success rate was about 73%.
We will keep our hopes up for good success (and maybe a few hatchlings) at our next 4 inventories!