8/5 Kathy C. speaks “turtles” to the small group at the inventory of DEB07.
8-5 Kathy tells about the current threats to loggerheads including propeller strikes, plastic in the ocean and habitat loss.
8-5 The inventory team of Beth, Bob B., Walter and Jane dig out the nest, count and sort shells/eggs. The success was 91%!

Again, we had no live hatchlings to release which means all that could, emerged on their own. Both had great success rates of 91%!

North: Natural DEB06 dated 6/10 located 70 yds. south #7 mile marker on Ocean Park
Carolyn delivered the turtle talk to onlookers while Bill instructed Pat S. and John in digging out the nest. Judy K. worked with Peggy sorting and counting the shells/eggs.
Middle: Natural DEB07 dated 6/11 located 95 yds. south WW#7
Kathy C. spoke to about 20 people as Walter instructed Jane in digging out the nest. Beth and Bob B. sorted and counted eggshells/eggs.
Monday inventories at 6:00 p.m.: We have the 2 inventories tomorrow night and then a lull in hatching for a week or more.
   Natural DEB04 dated 6/8 located 40 yds. south #8 mile marker (just north of North Access Rd.)
   Natural DEB08 dated 6/12 located 14 yds. south Walkway #10