8-6-18 The inventory team of DEB04 digs, sorts and counts to come up with a success rate of 81%.
We did 2 inventories tonight and once again, there were no live hatchlings. We have done 10 inventories and had one live hatchling (10% chance of finding one still in the nest). This is a strange nesting season in many ways. We will have a lull before our next nest hatches so check back here in a few days!
North: Natural DEB04 dated 6/8 located 40 yds. south #8 mile marker
Bob B. and Judy K. dug out the nest as John/Pat S. and Marie sorted/counted. The success was a good 81%.
Middle: Natural DEB08 dated 6/12 located 14 yds. south Walkway #10
Jane dug out the nest as Susan and Beth counted/sorted. Kathy C. answered questions from the small group gathered. The success was a good 84%.
DEB 17   HOB 6   SCUTE 64   SC 2658