9-1 Walter tells the crowd about issues loggerheads face in the environment on land and sea.
9-1 Jane sorts/counts eggs as Bob B. brings the contents out of the chamber.

9-1 A Labor Day crowd watches as a lone hatchling makes it’s way to the ocean.
Middle: Tonight, we did the inventory of DEB13 dated 6/29 located just south of WW#2 and Pioneer Place Villas. There was a good Labor Day crowd gathered as Walter educated, Bob B. dug, Jane and Betsy sorted and counted. There was one mis-shapen live hatchling in the top of the nest caught in roots that was enough to please the crowd! Paula passed the bucket for all to see and photograph.
This was the nest of the turtle that likes to nest up high in the dunes and unfortunately in grasses/roots (DEB02/DEB11). There were a number of eggs that never developed but 67 that hatched for a success of 56% (her other 2 nests were 12% and 96%).
Next Inventory: We will be doing the inventory of DEB12 at #12mm just south of the first house at Prince George Sunday at 6:00 p.m.