9-2 Judy K. digs out nest contents as Peggy and Bob C. count and sort eggshells
9-2 Judy digs into the very deep nest bringing out only 2 unhatched eggs and the rest white hatched eggshells!
9-2 We had a good turnout of volunteers and always love to document it!
North: With no live hatchlings to release, we had one of our best inventories to date tonight! DEB12 dated 6/29 located at #12mm, near Prince George, showed a huge hatch at 62 days when Peggy and Bob C. saw it Thursday morning. We suspected it would be a good inventory. Judy K. dug out the contents as Peggy and Bob C. sorted/counted. There were only 2 unhatched eggs of a total nest count of 117 (114 eggshells +1 DNA) giving a hatch success of 97.4%! A small group walked up from DeBordieu, and, although disappointed not to see a hatchling or two, were happy for the great percentage:) With so many volunteers at the nest, we couldn’t resist a group photo.