9-20 Volunteers begin the inventory of DEB17, laid above the sea wall.
9-20 Kathy C. and Martha dug out the chamber with its dark and dense sand.
9-20 The weak hatchling was rehydrated in a cockle shell which Anastasia carefully holds.
9-20 Beth drew an arrow to orient the hatchling to its new watery home!
Middle: With a small group including mostly volunteers, we did the inventory of natural DEB17 dated 7/27 located south of Walkway #11. This turtle climbed the low sea wall to lay her nest and her hatchlings had about a 14 in. drop onto the beach. Kathy C. and Martha did the digging in the dark, dense renourishment sand. Beth did the counting/sorting.
Walter reported Monday morning that this nest had a hatch. With 5 dead in the nest and about 12 pipping (turtle in open shell), you could about write the script on what happened. Sunday night was the most severe weather we got from Florence with the onshore wind and torrential rain. These turtles must have been hatching near the bottom of the chamber as the waves inundated this nest and these hatchlings drowned:( The nest had a 76% success.
The good news is 89 turtles hatched out of the nest and we found one live turtle in the chamber! After some hydration and help from Anastasia, we put the weak turtle on the beach and Beth drew an arrow to point it to the ocean! Finally, it dove into its new home and was cheered on by the group!