9-6 Betsy explains the inventory process to curious enthusiasts.
9-6 Peggy and Bob carefully count egg shells to come up with the success percentage of the nest.
9-6 One hatchling was left in the nest and put on the beach to crawl to it’s new watery home!
North: We closed out the North for the season with the inventory of natural DEB14 located just north of North Beach Villas. We had great volunteer participation with 12 present in addition to a handful of other enthusiasts. This was used as an inventory workshop to learn/refresh some of the finer points of digging out a nest and coming up with the count. Betsy instructed and dug out the contents while Peggy and Bob pitched in counting/sorting the eggs/shells. Through DNA, we knew this turtle laid 4 nests this season (Hilton Head/84%, Pawleys/84%, Pawleys 72%). This last nest of hers was her best with an 88% hatch success and one live hatchling!