Tonight was about as good as an inventory gets! We opened DEB10 natural 5/26 located south #5mm (N. Beach Villas) with a huge crowd looking on with great anticipation. Duane delivered an engaging turtle talk as Mary Beth dug with Donna and Lourdes ready to count/sort shells. Maribeth almost immediately brought out a total of 9 healthy, frisky hatchlings! The crowd went wild as Buffie passed the bucket! Thankfully we had lots of volunteers for the careful release of the hatchlings into the incoming tide. Hatch success: 93%

Thanks to our faithful volunteers who came to help in one way or another… all were needed! We paused for a group photo to document this memorable inventory:)

7-26 Duane engages the crowd with his turtle knowledge as the contents of DEB10 are excavated.
7-26 As Maribeth digs up the contents of DEB10, Lourdes and Donna await shells to count.
7-26 Nine hatchlings were found in the chamber of hatched DEB10. They were put in a bucket for release onto the beach.
7-26 Volunteers asked everyone to form 2 lines for the release of the 9 hatchlings. All cooperated and were respectful as the turtles made their way to the ocean!
7-26 DeBordieu & Hobcaw SCUTE volunteers gathered for a commemorative photo to document a great inventory….a 93% hatch success!