DEB:  Carolyn, back from vacation, received a welcome home gift of a crawl with excellent potential 5 yards south of WW9. She and Jean bumped into each other at the clubhouse and with no other DEB or PRG activity, Jean accompanied Carolyn back to the crawl. Carolyn quickly found the clutch. As the nest was below the heavy wrack line, Carolyn and Jean relocated the nest back and 12 yards south of WW9 rather than immediately back from the original nest because of roots encountered when digging the new nest. Working fast and efficiently Carolyn & Jean had the relocation finished and were ready to call it a day by 7:30 am!

DEB55R   relocated    12 yds south of WW  #9

HOB:  Wendy reported no activity. Thanks for a pretty sunrise photo and for documenting another Wild Kingdom moment on HOB with a 3 foot gator on the beach at the southern tip looking out towards North Island!

PRG 4 DEB 5 HOB 11 SCUTE 57 SC 2648

6-24-23 Carolyn found this crawl near WW#9 that was below the HTL, needing relocation.
6-24-23 Carolyn located the egg chamber and, assisted by Jean, relocated the clutch of eggs to just south of WW#9.
6-24-23 Wendy found a reptile of a different species at the southern end of Hobcaw Beach. This 3 ft. gator looks a little seasick!
6-24-23 Wendy sent this pretty sunrise photo from Hobcaw Beach.