North: Beth, joined by Jim, found the very loopy crawl south #15mm where the turtle crawled up the dune into the grasses. They studied the meandering travels of this turtle and Jim, probing, found a soft spot which Beth confirmed. Jim is getting the feel!

DEB21 Natural   south #15mm 

Middle: Kathi and Trisha found a perfect U turn false crawl south WW#2. The turtle had a barnacle squiggle up the middle of her crawl. “Barnacle Betty’s” tracks should be easy to identify if she comes back.

DEBFC12  127 yds. south WW#2   

Hobcaw: Martha met Judy M. this morning and they had multiple crawls to explore! In summary, there were 4 false crawls (U turns or uninterrupted tracks) and 2 nests. Gimpy had a false crawl and then nested!! Judy got lots of experience probing, locating and relocating. It was a long morning for the Tuesday team and they did a great job!

HOB10 Relocated  south #10mm  Gimpy!

HOB11 Natural  south #3mm 

The 4 false crawls were near #1mm, #2mm, #6mm and #11mm

DEB 21 HOB 9 SCUTE 83 SC 2881

6-14-22 Beth and Jim found a meandering crawl at Prince George with a body pit up on the dune in the grasses.
6-14-22 The chamber of DEB21 shows the turtle had to cut through roots to dig her chamber.
6-14-22 Kathi and Trisha had a U turn false crawl in the Middle. The 5 reeds denotes false crawl.
6-14-22 The Middle false crawl was from a turtle with a barnacle on her belly (plastron). It gives her crawl a signature look. We will be looking for her return tomorrow!
6-14-22 After a false crawl, Gimpy successfully laid a nest of 129 eggs! It was below the spring tide line so Martha and Judy M. relocated to a slight elevation near the original location….HOB10. We are so happy for Gimpy’s 2nd nest of the season!
6-14-22 Judy M. got some good experience on Hobcaw today with all the activity! She probed, located, relocated and learned a lot about our flippered summer visitors. Here she proudly stands beside Gimpy’s nest after helping Martha relocate it.
6-14-22 Judy got good probing experience. Here, she probes HOB11.