Today’s conditions were tough for even the Turtlestrong:( Walking south was a breeze but turning into the headwind sent Wendy back from #9SS on HOB. Carolyn met Michael E. who walked down from Prince George to walk DEB with her. The wind proved too much and they retreated. Mark and Buffie persevered and sent this report:

PRG: No activity on PRG. No “singing in the rain” this morning with pelting rain and brutal north winds. There was evidence of very high tides with wrack almost at the base of an Ocean Park walkway. The disintegration of the PG groin is advancing more rapidly due to the storm.  A large section litters the PG beach close to the groin and there are pieces in Arcadia.

5-27-23 The old groin on Prince George was recently repaired but broke through several weeks ago. This weekend’s storm, with its nor’easter and strong currents, caused further degradation sending debris south on Prince George beach.

5-27-23 The headwinds of this storm are brutal for a walk north. Mark and Buffie forged ahead and sent back this video.