We are happy to report that Buffie and Mark DuPuis are now officially certified! They have really been diligent about walking all 3 beaches with different volunteers, gleaning much knowledge from each.

Buffie, originally from Atlanta and Mark, from Chicago, met at UCLA where they were both studying pathology. Their careers took them to Atlanta where they worked as pathologists at different hospitals. They have 2 grown sons. After finding their vacation home area at Seaside in FL was becoming too crowded, they were drawn to an ad on TV for Celebrex. It was actually filmed at Pawleys Island and the feel of the less populated beach in the ad appealed to them. Buffie and Mark bought their lot at Prince George and built in 2016. Kathi A. was instrumental in getting them interested in turtles and the rest is history!

We are excited to have this dynamic duo on our turtle team….congratulations!

7-16 Certified Buffie and Mark!