June 06, 2017 - Certification!

Debordieu SCUTE

There was no nesting activity last night.

Certification: Beth Siegel has earned her SCDNR certification! Beth began volunteering in 2015, walking mainly the Middle and North learning from a variety of volunteers. Beth and her husband, Roy, moved to DeBordieu from Maryland 3 1/2 years ago. She is very enthusiastic about the turtle program and a welcome addition to our certified volunteers....Go Beth!

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June 05, 2017 - Middle Nest!

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Middle: Walter, joined by new volunteer, Jane, had a crawl south of Walkway #4 that was below the spring tide line. The egg chamber was found and they decided to move 107 eggs (+1 for DNA) to a higher spot directly back. As a couple of dads and children looked on and asked lots of questions, Walter instructed Jane in how to carefully relocate the eggs into the newly dug chamber. Great teamwork!

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June 04, 2017 - Hobcaw Nest!

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Hobcaw: Wendy found a crawl 59 yds. north of #10mm. She probed,  located the egg chamber and decided the nest was high enough to leave natural. Nice job, Wendy!

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June 03, 2017 - Hobcaw Nest and Gimpy successful!

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Hobcaw: Susan, subbing for Wendy, had a crawl in Ocean Green that went way up high on the dune in front of the tan stucco house. She called Carolyn for help while she rode on to see if Gimpy had returned on down the beach. Susan found a Gimpy crawl north of #9mm with good characteristics of a nest (photo)! She probed the most likely area and found the egg chamber!! We are so relieved for Gimpy that she finally deposited her clutch of eggs. The nest was left natural...way to go Gimpy and Susan! Back in Ocean Green, Carolyn quickly located the egg chamber of that nest and was also able to leave it natural....nice job (Photo Gallery 53)!

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June 02, 2017 - Middle Nest! 2 Gimpy false crawls

Debordieu SCUTE

Middle: Beth, working toward certification, found a crawl just north of Walkway #8 that had good possibilities of being a nest. While waiting for Betsy to arrive, she studied the crawl and put a reed where she felt the chamber should be. With Betsy watching, Beth probed with her cue and quickly located the eggs within about 3 inches of the reed! The nest was below the spring tide line, so she carefully filled a bucket with 105 eggs (+1 for DNA) directly back in front of the sand fence. Beth did the whole procedure very well with Betsy only there as an observer. Stay tuned for some good news!

Hobcaw: Bill reported that Gimpy made a return to try (unsuccessfully) 2 more times to nest south of #16mm and north of #13mm. Susan did not have any Gimpy crawls yesterday which means the disabled turtle may have tried North Island just across the inlet.

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June 01, 2017 - Hobcaw Nest! no new Gimpy crawls

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Hobcaw: Susan found a crawl 10 yds. north of #11mm very close to Bill's nest from Tueday. She could still see the tracks from the Tuesday nest under today's fresh crawl. Susan took her time analyzing the crawl, probed and found the egg chamber (HOB07)...well done, Susan!

She did not have anymore Gimpy crawls and returned to the turtle's last effort yesterday to give it another try. Tomorrow, we will put green survey flags on Gimpy's last efforts from 5/12 and 5/31 (south and north of #12mm) and keep an eye on them beginning at 50 days into incubation.

Turtle Releases: The SC Aquarium released 7 rehabilitated sea turtles yesterday at Folly Beach in front of a huge, adoring crowd of onlookers! Congratulations to the Sea Turtle Hospital staff! Watch the video (cut & paste) at: https://www.facebook.com/ThePostandCourier/videos/1707348495949555/

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May 31, 2017 - Middle nest! Gimpy false crawls

Debordieu SCUTE

Middle: Beth, working toward DNR certification, found a crawl 99 yds. north of WW#7 that had all the characteristics of a nest. Betsy joined her for training and watched as Beth probed the crawl with her pool cue. The sand in the renourished area is very dense and the wooden pool cue is not effective. We asked Bill to bring his metal probe which allowed us to easily locate the chamber (DEB10). The nest was well below the spring tide line, so Beth got her first relocation experience. She moved 150 eggs (+ 1 for DNA) directly back. This was a lot of work but Beth did it all with a smile and very well!

Hobcaw: It was Kathi A.'s turn to deal with poor Gimpy and her multiple attempts at nesting. She tried 6 times last night between #11mm and #15mm. Kathi investigated each crawl but found no eggs. This is 13 times Gimpy has tried this cycle:(

DEB 10   HOB 6   SCUTE 35   SC 926

May 30, 2017 - Hobcaw Nest! 2 Gimpy false crawls

Hobcaw: Bill found a nest 10 yds. north of #11mm that was above the spring tide line and could be left natural....yay Bill! He had 2 more unsuccessful nesting attempts by Gimpy, the disabled loggerhead. The crawls were near #10mm and #18mm. She has had 7 false crawls this cycle.

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