June 16, 2017 - Middle/Hobcaw nests!

Debordieu SCUTE

Middle: Beth, joined by her son, had a textbook crawl 25 yds. south of Walkway #8. She wasted no time locating the egg chamber and was able to leave the nest natural...her first since earning her certification (DEB18)!

Hobcaw: Bill had a long crawl 105 yds. north of #13mm with a body pit high on the dune in vegetation. He probed, locating the eggs, and was able to leave it natural...yay Bill (HOB14)!

We received a call Friday afternoon from Paula who said there was a crawl all the way around the inlet on the creek side of Hobcaw. An early morning fisherman saw the crawl and called Paula. Bill had riden that area in the morning but the SW wind must have erased the tracks. Bill and Betsy went by boat in the late afternoon and located the nest (HOB15 - photo)....thanks to Paula the helpful angler!

DEB 18   HOB 15   SCUTE 77   SC 2232

June 15, 2017 - 2 Hobcaw Nests!

Debordieu SCUTE

Hobcaw: Susan had a productive bike ride this morning with 2 natural nest! The nest north of #5mm was a tidy turtle who laid in the grass line (HOB12). Riding on, Susan found a crawl just to the south of #6mm with a big difference in incoming/outgoing tracks...a good sign the turtle spent some time on the beach. This turtle bumped along the grass line and nested just before turning to go back out. Susan located the egg chamber and was also able to leave this nest natural (HOB13). What a great morning for a bike ride!

DEB 17   HOB 13   SCUTE 73   SC 2013


June 13, 2017 - 2 North Nests including daytime nester!

Debordieu SCUTE

North: Carolyn and Judy K. hit the jackpot this morning encountering a turtle returning to the ocean after laying her nest! It was around 6:30 am when they spotted the long crawl and then saw the turtle. Watch Carolyn's video (copy and paste) http://youtu.be/cPnEE8WSz-k. After seeing the turtle off they continued their walk and found another crawl at the inlet. Judy probed and located a soft spot which Carolyn confirmed. It was indeed a nest and they left it natural (DEB16). Returning to the crawl south of #15mm, Judy again probed and located the egg chamber! This nest was also in a good spot and left natural. Congratulations to Carolyn and Judy who had an amazing morning they will never forget (Photo Gallery 53)!

DEB 17   HOB 11   SCUTE 66   SC 1874

June 12, 2017 - Hobcaw Nest!

Debordieu SCUTE

Hobcaw: Steven, joined by a friend this morning, had a crawl 30 yds. south of #9mm. Having no other activity, he probed the body pit and found eggs quickly! Steven was fortunate the turtle nested high enough for it to be left natural and also close to a supply station. Nice job, Steven!

DEB 15   HOB 11   SCUTE 61   SC 1851

June 11, 2017 - North Nest!

Debordieu SCUTE

North: Brandie and Ryan found a crawl this morning south of #9mm with the outgoing track leading into the ocean, indicating the turtle must have just left. There was a big difference between the incoming and outgoing crawl which meant the turtle spent some time on the beach. There was a good body pit at the dune line with thrown sand. Brandie probed the crawl and located the egg chamber in the second hole she dug having been just on the edge of it! The turtle laid her nest in a good location so they left it natural....go Brandie!

DEB 15   HOB 10   SCUTE 59   SC 1691

June 10, 2017 - Middle Nest!

Debordieu SCUTE

Middle: Jackie, joined by new volunteers Pat and John, had a crawl just north of Walkway #4. The turtle trudged all the way up to the sand fence where she made a tight body pit. Pat and John took turns probing as Jackie instructed. Pat located a soft spot, dug down and found eggs! The nest was left natural....congratulations to Pat and John!

DEB 14   HOB 10   SCUTE 57   SC 1623

June 09, 2017 - North Nest! 3 false crawls

Debordieu SCUTE

North: Judy K., working toward certification, had lots of activity this morning. She found 2 false crawls between #8mm and #10mm and a potential nest north of #12mm at Prince George. There was a significant distance between the incoming and outgoing crawls indicating the turtle spent some time on the beach. The body pit was up high on the dune with good nesting characteristics. Judy probed and eventually located the egg chamber! The 3 crawls (similar markings/size) could have all been from the same turtle who, working her way north, finally laid her nest at #12mm. Good job Judy!

Hobcaw: Bill reported a u-turn false crawl low on the beach 60 yds. north of #4mm.

DEB 13   HOB 10   SCUTE 54   SC 1555

June 08, 2017 - Hobcaw false crawl

Debordieu SCUTE

Hobcaw: One determined turtle crawled in last night under tough weather conditions all the way around the inlet side of Hobcaw. Susan found a meandering crawl but no nest. Maybe this turtle will return tonight under calmer conditions.

DEB 12   HOB 10   SCUTE 49   SC 1525

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