May 15, 2012 - False crawl

Debordieu SCUTE

North: Mary, subbing for Ingrid and Tom, had no activity but spotted a Portuguese Man 'O War. It seems a little early for these but, then again, everything is early this year. Loggerheads have an immunity to these creatures and are actually able to consume them with no ill effects...sweet revenge! Mary also reported a hole as deep as her cue stick in front of North Beach Villas. Holes are not only a hazzard for nesting and hatching sea turtles but also people walking at night. Please, if you must dig these holes, do it below the tide line. See Photo Gallery 3 for more photos.

Middle: Suzette reported a large hole north of Walkway #4 and floodlights on at a house. Lights attract not only hatchlings but also nesting turtles. Remember 'Lights Out' by 10 p.m. during nesting season!

Hobcaw: Robin and Brandie had a false crawl 90 yds. north of mile marker #12. Brandie got some good probing experience and a chance to determine ingoing/outgoing tracks (photo). Maybe this turtle will try again tonight.

Nesting  in SC: Currently, our coast has 175 nests!

May 14, 2012 - NEST! false crawl

Debordieu SCUTE

Carolyn, walking the Middle, had a false crawl and the first DeBordieu nest this morning! The nest was laid 50 yds. south of Walkway #1 in front of the north Pioneer Place Villas (photo). Carolyn felt is was in a good spot and left it natural. Denny, walking the North, helped Carolyn gather the supplies. The false crawl was 80 yds. south of Walkway #7 against the seawall and in front of the Beach Villas.

DeBordieu    1
Hobcaw       2

May 13, 2012 - No activity

Debordieu SCUTE

Thanks to Derenda (Hobcaw), Joan & Don (Middle) and Cindy (North) for walking in a drenching rain this morning. There was no activity.

There were 2 strandings (Huntington Beach State Park and Garden City Beach) on Friday. Both were good size loggerheads (photo). On a happier note...SC currently has 150 nests!

May 12, 2012 - 103 nests along SC coast!

There was no activity this morning at Hobcaw and DeBordieu. Most of the nesting is south of us where the water temperatures are warmer. Currently, SC has 103 nests!

May 11, 2012 - Quiet this morning

There was no activity at DeBordieu & Hobcaw this morning but Myrtle Beach State Park had the 3rd S.C.U.T.E. nest! The SC coast is up to 80 nests.

May 10, 2012 - Beach House Memories released

Debordieu SCUTE

There was no turtle activity this morning.

Mary Alice Monroe, acclaimed New York Times best selling author and fellow turtle volunteer at Isle of Palms has just released her newest book! BEACH HOUSE MEMORIES is a milestone ten years in the making. As the prequel to the bestsellers THE BEACH HOUSE and SWIMMING LESSONS, this release completes the saga of the beloved "turtle lady" Olivia "Lovie" Rutledge. BEACH HOUSE MEMORIES returns to Charleston and the Isle of Palms in 1974, a tumultuous period in the South for issues of class, infidelity and domestic abuse. Lovie reflects on the difficult choices she faced during that fateful summer that changed her life. Mary Alice has always felt a bond to the character of Lovie 's story and her story as a wife, mother and "turtle lady" is one that she felt it was time to tell.

May 09, 2012 - Turtle Talks

Debordieu SCUTE

We were contacted last week by a teacher from Waccamaw Elementary School about giving turtle talks to (10) 2nd grade classes with a total of 180 students. They came, by school bus, to the DeBordieu Rec Center on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Carolyn, Paula and Mike graciously agreed to share their turtle knowledge and did a terrific job with lots of visual aids and oodles of enthusiasm! They said the children were so well-mannered, attentive and asked lots of good questions (so did the teachers). This was a great chance to educate the next generation about what they can do to help loggerheads (fill in holes, collect trash, lights out). See Photo Gallery for more photos.

Today was particularly timely with the location of our second nest laid this morning just south of Walkway #12. The bus took the children down to see the tracks and nest and Mike explained what had happened (see photo). Thanks to these 3 dedicated volunteers for their time!

May 09, 2012 - NEST #2!

Debordieu SCUTE

There was nesting activity today on the Hobcaw stretch of beach! Betsy found a crawl just as she walked out 70 yds. south of Walkway #12. The turtle went well up into the dunes and had the classic signs of being a nest. Kathi was walking the Middle with new volunteers Joan and Don so they went to check out the crawl while Betsy continued walking Hobcaw. Joan and Don both got good probing experience and Joan actually found the eggs. The group decided it was in a good location and left it natural. Congratulations to Joan and Don! See photo gallery for more of today's nest.

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