North: It was a surprise at 6:30 tonight to get a text from Mark and Buffie with photos of fresh-looking tracks near their house at Prince George! Apparently there was a daytime nester that went unnoticed and successfully laid north #13mm. Betsy called Kathi A. to see if she would go work with Buffie and Mark and she thankfully was game:) Buffie did the probing and located her first egg chamber! It was in a good location so they left it natural. Congratulations to Buffie and Mark! A very special thanks to Kathi A. for being available and willing (day and night)!
DEB 8   HOB3   SCUTE 36   SC 1020
Buffie and Mark noticed fresh tracks around 6:00 p.m. near their house at Prince George.
This daytime nesting turtle came up without being noticed and successfully laid her nest at the base of the dunes.
Buffie located her first egg chamber, something she will never forget.
Buffie smiles with her first nest as the sun sets.