HOB: Martha was walking at the end of the forested area between #4SS and #9SS around 6:00 a.m. and spotted a turtle laying her eggs! This is a rare sight to see but after all the weekend weather, this turtle was probably desperate to lay. The nest was laid below the high tide line so it needed relocation. Martha found a bit of elevation and relocated 87 eggs + 1 oblong egg for DNA. What an experience!



PRG 2 DEB 1 HOB 3 SCUTE 10 SC 744

5-30-23 Martha found this turtle dropping her eggs on Hobcaw around 6:00 a.m.
5-30-23 It is rare to get to watch a turtle lay her nest because it usually occurs at night.
5-30-23 This turtle laid a textbook nest but it was below the high tide line and needed relocation to safer habitat. Martha moved 87 eggs just south of this location.
5-30-23 Good relocation job Martha!