June Photo Winner: Beth received her prizes yesterday for winning the SCUTE Volunteers June Photo Contest. Rick Scott presented her with a vintage “Lights Out” sign and a book from Jeff McClary’s personal collection. Congratulations Beth!

DEB: Lori and Michael were happy to have a crawl with good potential just north WW#10. The turtle came up to just below the wrack line so they wisely relocated the clutch. Go Team Stevenson!

DEB61  Relocated  to 80 yds. north WW#10

PRG 5 DEB 11 HOB 16 SCUTE 93  SC 4131

7-6-23 Beth received her prizes from Rick Scott for her great photo that won the June Photo Contest. Congratulations Beth!
7-6-23 Beth’s beautiful award-winning sunrise photo.
7-7-23 Lori and Michael found this crawl just north of WW#10. The turtle laid her clutch just below the high tide line.
7-7-23 Team Stevenson wisely relocated DEB61 to higher ground for safer incubation.