Our 3 flippered friend, Gimpy, finally laid a nest on her own in North Island’s boneyard. Walter and Mark discovered the distinctive meandering crawl about midway down the 8 mile island. Gimpy chose a good home for her clutch, laying a very wide and shallow chamber. Maybe she will learn this is the way to nest since she can’t dig deep, to dig wide:) This was her 9th crawl since Mon., 5/17. HOORAY FOR GIMPY!! Hold on…she is due back in about 2 weeks! Thanks to Buffie and Mark for this video.

North: Lourdes and Donna St. surveyed together this morning. They had a false crawl and a natural nest!

DEB04 Natural   south #10mm  Located by Donna who is close to certification…well done!

DEBFC04  north #7mm   

Warnell DNA Study: An article in a University of Georgia magazine featured the work of Dr. Brian Shamlin who does the sea turtle DNA study for GA, SC and NC. Our contributions of 1 shell from each nest laid is helping make an impact!


DEB 4 HOB 3 SCUTE 19 SC 824

5-25-22 Mark photographs Gimpy’s 9th attempt at nesting since 5/17. This time she was successful! Her missing left rear flipper left a stump. That imprint up the middle makes her crawl easy to identify.
5-25-22 Gimpy laid her nest high enough on the beach for safe incubation.
5-25-22 Donna St. successfully located the egg chamber of DEB04 between DeBordieu and Prince George! The nest was in a good location and left natural.