DEB: Michael, surveying solo this morning, had the only activity: a crawl at WW#1 in front of the north end of Pioneer Place Villas! He located the chamber which was low on the beach so he moved the clutch to higher ground near the sand fencing. Michael enlisted the egg counting help of 2 children eager who were very helpful:)

DEB64 Relocated 97 eggs   24 yds. south WW#1 (north end PPV) 

First Inventory: We will inventory DEB51N Saturday at 6:00 p.m. located just north WW#9. Parking is available at WW#8, WW#9 or WW#10.

PRG 7 DEB 14 HOB 19 SCUTE 125 SC 5639

7-21-23 Michael had the counting help of these 2 children when he relocated DEB64 from low on the beach to safer habitat. The count was so accurate that it was 97 eggs coming out of the original nest and 97 eggs going into the new nest!
7-21-23 DEB64 had a new home by the sand fence in much safer habitat than where it was originally laid. It was a good team effort by Michael and these children!