Let me apologize for the 20 day gap in reporting sea turtle activity. Sometimes life throws you curve balls and you deal with priorities first. Updates will come regularly now. Thank you for your patience.

DEB: Michael & Lori S. encountered a crawl with excellent nest potential just north of WW10. Finding no others, they returned to the crawl. Lori probed and located the clutch. Because the nest was just below the heavy wrack line, it needed relocation which they did well. Way to go Team Stevenson!

DEB54R   Relocated  north of WW10  

Although nesting is still slow compared to the past 4 years, we have had at least 1 nest each day for the past 7 days!!

Pawleys had a busy morning with 2 nests and a FC!

PRG 4 DEB 4 HOB 11 SCUTE 54 SC 2597

6-23-23 DEB54 was laid just below the spring tide line and needed to be relocated.
6-23-23 Lori very carefully transfers eggs from the nest to the bucket to be moved to safer habitat.
6-23-23 DEB54 is now in a better place to incubate thanks to Lori and Michael.