It was another good inventory tonight of DEB01 located in Ocean Park! The inventory team was Pat St (digging) with Carolyn teaching Mitzi the art of counting & sorting. Bill spoke to those who came but lost his audience when Pat brought out a couple of hatchlings! Chelsey passed the bucket for all to see as Steven kept adding hatchlings for a total of 6. DEB01 had a great hatch success of 93.3%!

Watch video:

Inventory schedule for Sat./Sun.:


DEB05 Natural 5/27 27 yds. south WW#2 (just south of Pioneer Place Villas in front of peach house)


DEB10 5/31 8 yds. south #8mm (just north of DeBordieu on Arcadia)

DEB09 5/31 15 yds. south #14mm (Prince George)

DEB02 5/24 22 yds. north #14 (at Prince George)

7-29-22 Pat St., Carolyn and Mitzi were the inventory team for DEB01 in Ocean Park.
7-29-22 Chelsey passed a bucket with 6 turtles for enthusiasts of all ages to see!
7-29-22 A crowd of about 35 gathered for the inventory of DEB01 in Ocean Park.