Tonight we did the inventory of DEB04 natural dated 5/31 south WW#4. With rain to our north and south, we forged ahead with our mission and were joined by a group of 35-40 of all ages. Turtle orator Walter delivered his message as Kathy C. dug out the nest. Beth and Jean handled the eggs/eggshells. With no live hatchlings, the percentage was 57% with no apparent reason. As we move into June lay dates with more stable temperatures, hatch successes should improve.

8-4-21 As volunteers dig out the nest contents of DEB04, Walter speaks to the crowd about loggerhead sea turtles.
8-4-21 Everyone comes hoping to see a hatchling left in the nest that has not made it out on it’s own. This only happens on occasion and tonight, unfortunately, was not one of those:(
8-4-21 Volunteers put the nest contents in groups of 10 according to the kind,,,shells, unhatched eggs and any dead turtles found. The results of DEB04 were 57% with no reason other than May temperatures are more variable and can effect incubation. June nests will show better results:)