Tonight, we did the inventory of DEB10 N  just north #6mm in Ocean Park. With Duane speaking to the small group, Carolyn digging, Jean and Pat St. counting, the nest had a 72% hatch success. We know that 93 turtles made it out of the nest! The one straggler in the nest was weak and Duane had to give it a ride out to the breakers. 

Next inventory Thursday at 6:00 pm: DEB11  6/10  95 yds. south Walkway #5 (between Walkways #5 and #6)

Save the date: S.C.U.T.E. Loop 5K Run/Walk – October 23!

8-1-21 Volunteer Duane speaks about loggerheads to the small group gathered to watch the inventory of DEB10 in Ocean Park.
8-10-21 One live hatchling was found in the egg chamber that had not made it out on it’s own. Volunteers let it crawl on the beach and “imprint” the GPS of our beach. If it’s a female she may come back here to nest at maturity which is 25-30 years.