The nests laid at the beginning of the season are slowly starting to hatch. Per SC Dept. of Natural Resources, after a nest hatches volunteers must wait 3 nights to do the inventory. Volunteers dig out the contents of the nest, count egg shells, unhatched eggs and any dead hatchlings. If live hatchlings are found in the nest, they are put on the beach to crawl to the ocean. This short time on our beach allows them to “imprint” the location, like having an internal GPS. Hopefully, when the females mature at 25-30 years, they will return here to lay their nests. A long-term DNA study shows that while some turtles are very loyal to their ‘home beach”, others will travel great distances between nests.

Due to the pandemic, inventory dates, locations and times will not be posted. We hope everyone understands the need for volunteers to safely do this important work.

Turtle tracks lead from a nest to the ocean.

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